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hyatt headquarters

(Pictures above: left - thyssenkrupp main building, right - Aerial view of thyssenkrupp Headquarter in Germany.)

thyssenkrupp AG world-renowned, headquartered in germany, the world’s largest stainless steel maker, the second largest carbon steel maker in europe, and the 3rd world largest elevator/escalator manufacturer. thyssenkrupp AG is globally renowned for its steel products, auto parts, service, technology, and real estate in addition to its elevator. thyssenkrupp AG has a presenca at over 700 locations in more than 70 countries. With over 190,000 employees, the company achieved sales of around 39.3 billion euros (approximately 50 billion dollars) in the 2003/2004 fiscal year.

International Market

thyssenkrupp elevator produces the most reliable elevators available in the industry . thyssenkrupp generate 34% of consolidated sales on their home market, while customer outside germany account for the remaining 66%. The rest of the EU (28%)  and the NAFTA region (22%) are the key foreign regions for thyssenkrupp business. thyssenkrupp companies hold leading positions with thier product in numerous intertainment markets. Many areas of thyssenkrupp group are becoming increasingly globalized: the elevator segment already generates 90% of its sales outside germany, while the share of foreign sales at automotive stands at 75%. More than 184,000 people work for thyssenkrupp group worldwide. thyssenkrupp roughly 600 foreign subsidiaries and associated shareholdings have more than 93,000 employees, which mean that one in two thyssenkrupp employees work outside germany.

Asia / Pacific

The asia/Pacific region is becoming more and more important for thyssenkrupp. The Group generated sales there of around €2.8 billion on fiscal year 2003/04. That represents 7% of thyssenkrupp’s foreign sales. China and India are our most important bases in the region. In these two countries alone, thyssenkrupp currently has more than 6,800 employees.

Middle East

Rapid industrial expansion within the Gulf states and the continued international demand for the region’s natural resources has made the middle east an important strategic market for thyssenkrupp. Our Group has activities in the united arab emirates, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, uwait and Qatar via companies of the elevator, technologies and services segment. In additional, all our Group’s companies serve customers in the region and are actively seeking further opportunities to support the region’s key industries.

South America

The partnership between thyssenkrupp and South America dates back to the 19th century. In 1837 Alfred krupp received an order from Brazil for two pressing rolls, while in 1854 we supplied the chilean mint with a first coin press. In 1886, Thyssen supplied the first henschel locomotives to Argentina, followed by further deliveries to chile in 1906, Brazil in 1908 and finally bolivia in 1912/13. In 1954, the first thyssenkrupp Company was founded in Brazil
Due to its size and economic potential,South America is an important market and a significant production location for thyssenkrupp. Sales of the Group’s south America subsidiaries in 2003/2004 were around €650 million. Of thyssenkrupp’s roughly 9,800 employees in this region, 6,700 work in the automotive segment and 2,500 in the Elevator segment.


thyssenkrupp gas business links in around 40 african countries . it has some 1,200 employees in 11 companies and representative  offices in South Africa, Egypt and  Tunisia. In addition, numerous agent are active for thyssenkrupp in these and other African countries.

The Group’s sales in africa are €600 million per year. Loyally, our main activities are plant technology e.g. for the petrochemical industry, structural engineering (bridge building) and materials trading.

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